How we have added value to the business of our customers.
How we can add value to your business. 

Cost optimisation

As part of an overall cost cutting program, the private banking arm of a Dutch banking group wanted to bring down the cost of its market data domain, which served several hundreds of users. Within 4 weeks, TCAM provided transparency with respect to the universe of licenses and agreements and the associated costs, as well as insight into the use of data and the allocation of these costs to the user community. The successive demand analysis, which included an intense communication process with representatives from the user community - predominantly portfolio managers - resulted in savings worth 20% of the initial annual spend.

Compliance assessment

An online broker wanted to have an assessment of its state of compliance with contract obligations and data policies. The broker operates an online trading platform for its retail customers, which gives access to real-time data from various North-American and European exchanges. TCAM examined the data distribution infrastructure and analysed the internal and external (real-time) data usage, as well as the processes and procedures around client onboarding and the monthly license counts and reporting to the exchanges. The firm appeared to be compliant, with only a few minor points of attention.

Audit management

The historical data use of a Swedish energy trading firm was subject of an audit by one of Europe’s major exchanges. TCAM was hired to manage the audit and act as the firm’s single point of contact. We managed to bring together a team of IT and data management specialists and efficiently collect information on historical entitlements as requested by the exchange. The exchange initially concluded a massive under-reporting of data licenses. We managed to challenge the exchange's interpretation of its own data policies and reached an agreement on it, resulting in a reduction of the claim by 95%. 

EDM implementation – Data quality improvement

As part of an EDM implementation at one of the world’s largest pension funds, TCAM took care of the seamless incorporation into the new EDM platform of the valuation process - according to the valuation policy, and of the firm’s (counter)party data domain, including all relevant reference data (hierarchies, identifiers, classifiers, credit ratings, etc.)
The succesful implementation resulted in an improved reliability of the portfolio valutions as well as process improvements in the risk management and operations space.

Interim management

A French-Belgian investment management firm was in need of an experienced market data manager who could bear responsibility for a EUR 20 mln. data budget. TCAM provided the candidate who managed to co-ordinate the BaU activities of the market data desk and simultaneously run a cost cutting program, which realised savings worth 10% within 2 months.
“TCAM provided an interim manager to manage the Data Vendor Management team. He has shown a high degree of flexibility, demonstrated a great talent as a team leader and was able to get a firm grip on things. But above all, his knowledge of the business and his capability to handle issues/solve problems have been of great value. I would recommend hiring TCAM without hesitation.” – Business Director.

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